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Our heroes stood, in the aftermath of their battle, wondering what leads they could draw from the foes they had dispatched. As they left the village and began discussing plans, Daisuki recalled a picture he had pulled out of the tight new tan pants he was now wearing, of the guy who had previously owned said pants. It was taken in an area of lush scenery, much more of a jungle area than Konoha. Thus it was Diego who determined that it must have been taken in Waterfall, and that it was best that they all run with the assumption that the entire team was from that village.

However, it was about at this point that the folly of their selection for the mission came to light. The mission in question had been to destroy a bridge, however, none of the genin in question were equipped with jutsu to do so. Diego pulled through, handing everyone a sheaf of exploding tags that he’d bought, “Just in case” they ran into ninjas instead of civilians, which he planned for well, it would seem. Also, in here at some point, the ninja all took off their headbands, and Diego did something with them. No one quite knows what.

Taking that in mind, they began discussing the upcoming fight. Kimiko brought up Daisuki’s issues with not wanting to harm Anazaki’s bass guitar, knowing that the guy obviously treasured it. Kimiko said she would be willing to trade places with him, and disable Zak while Daisuki kept Gabriel pre-occupied. Taiichi warned them about deviating from the plan, but no one seemed to care about Taiichi, or what he had to say. (Unsurprisingly, they still don’t) Sooner, rather than later, the four arrived at a large hill that overlooked the bridge.

Spotting the Sound nin, and taking in that every action they made now was likely being watched, Daisuki told Diego that the ninja “Weren’t expected” and began playing up the act. Daisuki then rushed down the hill to meet the ninja, followed closely by Diego and Kimiko, as Taiichi created a shadow clone up on the hill. Daisuki was halted by the Sound nin’s jounin, who asked him if he had any business across the bride. Daisuki promptly repiled that his business was actually underneath the bride. The Sound jounin looked amused, asking airily if this was really the case. Daisuki, being possessed of rapier wit, chided “No, not really. I just came rushing down that big hill towards the bridge with my sword drawn for no reason at all.”

Diego spoke up then, telling the Sound nin that he could go home, and no one would get hurt, or, that he and his team could do things the hard way. Taiichi’s shadow clone, which had come down to meet us, promptly stated that he wasn’t dressed for trouble, throwing just about everyone off, considering he hadn’t been addressed, and that Diego was talking to the sound jounin.

Either way, the sound genin began preparing themselves as the tension rose, and in a snap, Diego dove at the Sound nin, kunai in hand, and the fight was on. Daisuki rushed at Anazaki, lunging and weaving his sword to keep the boy on his defensive. However, with the strum of a hand across the neck of a bass, Daisuki was lifted and launched back a good thirty feet by Zak’s ninjutsu. Taiichi’s clone began to approach Harmony, as the real Taiichi snuck up behind her. She began singing, and disabled his clone, who began to hearken to her singing, and sat on the ground in front of her, with an ear tilted up, admiring her song.

Gabriel pulled out his microphone, and with some singing, crafted himself a suit of armor out of sound. He then conjured up a fist, and launched it at Kimiko. Seeing this, she began making a fake string of handseals, before locking her hands together in the bird formation, using one of her secret techniques, (The divine wind shield) and stopping sound from reaching the microphone in Gabriel’s hand. Feeling his armor vanish, Gabriel panicked, just as the fist he sent Kimiko’s way landed a solid punch to her face, knocking her over. However, she gritted her teeth and took the hit, keeping eye contact with Gabriel, and holding her handseal, drawing on the memory of Shinkei to help her stay strong.

All that could be seen of the Jounin was a flash of lightning underneath the bridge, as Daisuki rushed towards Anazaki again. However, as he’d seen Gabriel defenseless, he veered off, launching out to try to incapacitate Gabriel, and bring the fight to an advantage in their favour, quickly. Gabriel, not at all expecting this, dove wildly out of the way. Meanwhile, Taiichi sneaked even closer to Harmony, preparing himself, and spinning around, going to launch an elbow to the back of her head. At this point however, things just started to go wrong.

Anazaki, who’d been left without an opponent, panicked. Thus, he used his jutsu again, only on EVERYBODY. All of the genin, sans Zak himself, went flying, to varying degrees, depending on how they’d been standing. Kimiko and Gabriel took the worst of it, both of them being on the ground. Taiichi and Harmony also went flying, and Taiichi’s clone vanished. Daisuki hit the ground some distance off, and struggled to get back to his feet and face his opponents. Kimiko was the first up, however, and brought her hands together in the bird seal again, beginning to tune down Zak’s Bass, in order to cause chaos with his jutsu.

Harmony got up next, and seeing no Taiichi, she launched a genjutsu offensive a Daisuki, who suddenly began to hear a girl singing the melody of Serenade by Schubert, and found himself in the middle of a crowd, looking for a seat in a crowded theater. However, he was troubled as to why he was wielding a sword at a concert, and wasn’t sure why he was wearing what he was. Gabriel, getting back onto his feet, conjured another hand,and sent it rocketing towards Kimiko. Meanwhile, Kimiko was busying herself fiddling with the tuning knobs on Anazaki’s Bass, although, she was keeping an eye and an ear out for what as going on. Taiichi got back up, still cloaked, and launched an elbow at Harmony again, this time connecting solidly with the back of her head. Daisuki suddenly remembered why he had a sword on, as Harmony’s genjutsu failed. He was in the middle of a fight.

As Daisuki blinked, Kimiko was struck across the shoulder by Gabriel’s sound fist, not quite managing a full dodge, as she finished tuning down the third string on Zak’s guitar, without his notice. Then something truly odd, and completely unexpected happened. Zak played a chord, but he was surprised to hear that the notes weren’t what he’d expected. At the same time, Gabriel was directing his sound fist to turn in the air and come back to strike Kimiko again. However, as the sounds mingled, the hand began to twitch, and Taiichi could see something terrible happening.

The hand-entity was draining Gabriel’s chakra at an alarming rate, as he continued to sing, perplexed by the body of sound in the air. Daisuki, seizing his opportunity, rushed up and struck Zak in the back of the head with his sword, putting him out for the rest of the fight, if not longer. Kimiko and Taiichi were more valiant, rushing forward to attempt to grab the microphone out of Gabriel’s hands. However, as Taiichi was invisible still, the two ended up colliding, neither accomplishing their goal, as Gabriel managed to hold on to the mic.

Seeing the cause of it’s continued expansion, and watching it grow as Gabriel continued to sing, Daisuki knew the only solution. He rushed over to where Harmony had been incapacitated, and picked up her mic. He took a deep breath, and began to sing.


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Daisuki began belting out that familiar hit single by Rick Astley, trying to defeat the bubble of sound with bad singing. However, as he did so, Gabriel began singing along, and totally ruined his plan. Taiichi got up, and directed Kimiko to get Daisuki to stop singing, while he himself walked over to gabriel, and took the mic out of his hands. He stopped singing and collapsed immediately. Also, Taiichi made a clone in the confusion here, somewhere, but no one quite recalls when.

Kimiko walked over to Daisuki and shouted at him to stop singing. When he didn’t, she flipped him to the ground, and grabbed the mic out of his hands. However, once she did, having shouted into the mic herself, she began singing along as well. Daisuki awoke from his trance, and yanked the mic out of her hands, plunging a kunai into it. That done, the body of sound stopped growing, and began to take shape, lacing itself together, and becoming almost solid in an odd way. It gained colour, and as its hair began to turn orange, Daisuki realized what he had done, as a Rick Astley with a sound village Hitai-ate faced the three of them, and continued singing the song.

The sound Astley walked over to Zak, and conjured spectral hands to lift his Bass guitar off of him. Daisuki launched out with a heavy slash from his rapier, that went straight through the sound man, not really harming him at all. Taiichi, being more creative, punched the microphone in his hands, making a loud sound, which seemed to get on Rick’s nerves. Rick began playing the Bass line to Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes, as Kimiko took out a senbon, and launched it straight through the top of the mic, creating a loud, screeching noise, that seemed to really hurt Astley. Seeing that bad noise really did hurt Rick, Daisuki took the now dead microphone out of Taiichi’s hands, and began singing Beautiful Oblivion by Eve 6, as a means to try to defeat the sound being.

Taiichi’s clone appeared, and together, the two of them ran to either side of Rick, and began shouting at the top of their lungs. Kimiko summoned a wing hand and sent it into Rick’s body, spreading all the sound waves asunder, and with a last “THIS ISN’T OVER” Sound Rick disappeared in an explosion of sound waves, sending Zak’s bass flying. It hit the ground and it’s top neck snapped off, while the bottom cracked.

No one paid much attention to this, though, as they all rushed to see what was happening to sensei. He was still locked in a fight with the sound Jounin, gaining no solid advantages as they duked it out with weapons. However, the Sound nin broke apart from Diego with a well placed attack, and made a water pillar, crashing it into Diego, and pinning him against the bridge, content to let him drown, it seemed. Kimiko took a page out of her notebook, and folded it into a paper crane, sending it off to hover over the Sound Jounin’s head.

The Sound nin, being distracted, didn’t notice Diego escape his jutsu, as Taiichi and Daisuki camped on the other side of the bridge. Daisuki was lining up his throwing knives to take a shot, before Taiichi told him not to worry, because Diego had this. Finding out too late what happened, the Sound nin was kicked into his own water spout, as two flashes of lightning followed, and the technique ended, the jounin floating down river.

The four then plastered the bridge with exploding tags in various places, and headed up to the opposite end from where they started, holding their hands together simultaneously in the tiger seal, and watching the bridge go up with a massive boom. Taiichi and clone turned to high-five each other, (The only High-five he’s ever gotten, consequently) before the clone disappeared. Daisuki smirked happily with his arms crossed, Diego fist-pumped, and Kimiko looked wholly unimpressed.

The group was then approached by a mysterious fellow known only as mask, who spirited them all away to “The Sanctuary”. Along the way, Taiichi sensed various people in the woods they walked into, some of them ninja. They were appearing to walk into a hill, which apparently was just an illusion, generated by the ninja there. They were handed headbands with what looked like a bunch of pin-pricks on them, to represent the people, apparently. Mask took one and pressed it against a tree, opening the way to the inside of the sanctuary. Inside, they found a bright and large underground complex. Mask led them to Lisa, the woman who essentially “Ran” The People, keeping track of everything and helping everyone. Mask said any questions should be directed towards her.

Shinkei and Kimiko stayed back to ask her questions, while Taiichi and Diego went to their rooms, escorted by Mask. Shinkei was told to go see Andrew, the Quartermaster, about his inquiry, while Kimiko was given a list of people to talk to, concerning books. Daisuki found Andrew inside a large warehouse full of boxes, the man’s peg leg clacking loudly off the floor. He asked if they had any pants or jeans in his size, and gladly traded the too-tight tan pants, for a pair of garish Hawaiian shorts that fit him perfectly.

He returned upstairs, and the group made plans for infiltration. They needed to scope out the place and find financial records to show who’d been funding The People, along with finding out who the leader of the group is, and discovering their whereabouts, in order to deal with them, in case they attempted to make an escape during the planned raid. The four agreed to split up, Diego going with Kimiko, and Taiichi going with Daisuki.

Kimiko and Diego launched off on a campaign based off of the list of people with books that she had been given, having inquired with Lisa as to whether there’d been a Library, which there hadn’t. (Ami, feel free to add more detail, as I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention here, until you guys got to Vash)

Daisuki and Taiichi headed out to find Andrew, and search that area of the compound. Taiichi searched around whilst cloaked, and Daisuki gave Andrew a small donation to help out the group, whilst inquiring about the funding problems the place seemed to face. Finding nothing of much worth in the discussion, he waited outside for Taiichi to finish, who had been observing a strange opening in the compound that blended in with the wall. Once Taiichi came to meet Daisuki, He was then told to go see what Andrew up to, and if he was talking to anyone. Taiichi did as told and followed him around, while Daisuki went over to examine the supposed door. Following Andrew, Taiichi noticed that the quartermaster kept checking on the food crates. Noticing the pattern, and waiting for his opening, Taiichi investigated, rooting through the crates, and finding financial records.He was shocked to discover, however…

That the largest and most frequent donations made to “The People”, were made by Konoha.



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