Disposable Heroes

Terror! Trouble in the Rice Fields

Every nation has its strife...some just choose to fight back!

Our heroes make their way to the Valley of the End, a place where Hashirama Senju fought against Madara Uchiha. Their conflict over the direction of the Hidden Leaf Village. Their fight, a testament to Konoha’s existence now and beyond. Diego had questioned the group about their knowledge of this particular local, but with the group being a rather mixed cell; only Kimiko could recite the history lesson. Praised for her book smarts, the sweet feeling would soon flutter as an unknown force was detected. Kimiko’s senses sharp, she detects a being using the Shunshin up ahead, atop Madara’s statue. Diego runs in to take a look utilizing his Shadow Clone Jutsu.

After a moment, Diego identifies the unknown person, explaining that they’re friendly. They happens to be a familiar cell of Sound Ninja. Enter Gabrielle, Harmony and Anazaki from the Chuunin Exams! They travelled all this way in hopes of intercepting Diego’s team. Why? Well it turns out the mission that Diego selected had changed parameters. Something Diego feared, for his panchant for picking “C” rank missions precedes him. The news updates the original info about a Terrorist Group causing havoc in Ricefields. The new information states that shinobi have intermingled with the ranks, making it more difficult to infiltrate the terrorist group and stop them. Their targets, whom were thought to be civilians, are actually rogue Shinobi.

Much to Daisuki’s anticipation, it means they can use lethal force if necessary in order to replace this group of ninja and destroy the bridge. Their plan is to stake out the village at the cusp of dawn, awaiting the rogue ninja whom they will ambush with an attack. As discussed on their journey, Diego asked if Kimiko could provide a distraction to help take out the enemy. With the new facts, Taiichi is tasked with detecting the group when they show up. Daisuki and Diego will act as the physical force, able to dispatch the group. With everything discussed through travel, the group wanders the Land of Rice Fields. They observe their surroundings, taking note of the terrain for strategic use (as well as a bit of tourisim).

Their travels lead them to the small village where they’ll make their stake out/ambush. Diego books an inn for the group. Everyone settles in early with Daisuki using up all the hot water for his bath, leaving Kimiko to have a cold shower. They awake early the next day and take up positions for their stake out. Daisuki hides himself within the fields, making great use of his stealth. Taiichi, Diego, and Kimiko are up on the rooftops, looking out at the entrance of the village. As per the idea of distraction and within the limited resources she had, Kimiko utilizes a clone to setup bait. Once the clone was dispatched or an action to flee or enter quietly was made, Daisuki would be able to launch his surprise attack. Yet this plan would be for nought.

Taiichi detects the party coming from a different direction. Thus Diego’s Cell relocated to where the group seems to be approaching. Yet they don’t come too close to the village, making their way just shy of the village (little more than ten meters, coming in from North West Side). As they enter Kimiko’s vision, she is able to hear their conversation and make out faint details about them. The conversation was about burning down the village as part of the Terriorist’s “cause”, an excuse to vandalize Ricefields country side. Though Kimiko doesn’t hear anything about burning the village, she noticed a boy step closer, performing handseals. The result of the handseal is clouds forming over the village. It will be impossible to ambush them if they keep their distance, thus Kimiko looks for a way to communicate what’s happening without giving away her position. Daisuki from his hiding position picks up on Kimiko’s signal that their attacking and readies his own assault.

The clouds overhead begin to drop rain…rain which actually turns into oil! Withdrawing an explosive tag, Kimiko quickly forms it into a paper airplane and guides it towards the group of rogue ninja. She detonates it above their group after trying her best to navigate the oil rain. This results in the group becoming aware but the other ninja whom also began to perform handseals, temporarily ceases her action. It provides an opening for Daisuki to attack the one trying to perform seals, though an older ninja whom appears to be the group’s sensei intervenes. Thus combat begins as the attack is blocked and the ninja whom attempts to form handseals does so in order to ignite the village in flames.

Our heroes are forced to make their way out of the village, with Taiichi confused as to why Kimiko had sent off the exploding tag. He makes his way invisible towards the two girls of the group. One of them has used a fire jutsu, while the other has used a seemingly invisible jutsu which further fueled the fire. His goal is to take them both down without having to kill them. Diego positions himself to better protect his genin as necessary, with Daisuki going after the boy whom is holding a handseal. Kimiko’s early drop on the group gives her a chance to target the boy first, revealing the sensei as protecting him and providing an opening for Daisuki to use.

Diego gets the drop on the rogue sensei engaging him in contact. Diego seems to have the upper hand in Taijutsu but his attempts keep failing. With Kimiko acting as his support, Daisuki makes a desperate leap, aiming to stab his Rapier through the boy’s heart. His stealth and speed successful, though he ignored an ember of flames creeping up his own pants to do so. It resulted in a successful stealth kill, but not without him discarding his pants. This revealed cute white boxers with hearts, but he’s far too focused on his task to care. Diego meanwhile continues his struggle with the sensei. Kimiko watches carefully, observing the fight. The continues screeching noise as Diego’s Kunai attacks connects, tips Kimiko off to the source of his problem: The opponent was using Advanced Earth Ninjutsu, specifically Metal Jutsu. Calling this out for Diego to hear, though he’s unable to take advantage right away as the Metal User lunges from the air attempting to crash down into Diego whom is on the ground.

However, Kimiko whom had been observing the fight didn’t stand around idly. She utilized her Divine Wind Hand in order to carefully tag the Metal User with an exploding pouch, having become weary as to why none of Diego’s blows were working. This little trap proves useful, as a portion of his black is blown out causing him to miss Diego completely. With the saving move, Diego gets into position and a flash of light emits from his form. Meanwhile Taiichi and Daisuki have their work cut out for them. Taiichi’s attempt to sneak up and pin the two kunoichi results in partial success. He is able to capture the girl with the unknown jutsu, keeping her pinned with Kunai to her neck. The fire user unfortunately escapes and is now in position to send a fireball at Taiichi. Taiichi attempts to duck down as best as he can, singed by the heat but avoiding the brunt.

Taiichi’s pin on the unknown jutsu user is weakened. She uses this moment to use her jutsu again, blowing out a stream of gas. Unable to avoid such an attack, Taiichi becomes high from the gas and simply can’t help but laugh, dropping all of his active techniques in the process. Daisuki meanwhile makes his entrance, aiming to stab the fire user. He is successful and has the girl pinned to the ground by his rapier. She looks up to him, looking to the face of her killer, before looking to his boxers with a smirk. She then dies, with Daisuki kicking her off the rapier. He now sets his sights on the gas using girl. She’s got Taiichi in a bad position but with agility and stealth, Daisuki aims to finish her before things get worse. His rapier thrusting towards her neck, she manages to become aware just in time to narrowly move.

Her neck is sliced at but not enough to be fatal. She clings to it, trying to keep the bleeding down as a follow-up attack is utilized. This misses and she manages to make some space, utilizing her jutsu once more to make Daisuki a victim of her gas. With both successfuly made high, the girl aims to finish our heroes. She withdraws an exploding tag and launches it at Taiichi and Daisuki. Before it can reach them Kimiko whom is no longer needed with Diego’s conflict rushes over, swiping the exploding tag from the air and placing it atop the girls face before she can ignite it. Of course this rogue kunoichi is rather aware of the reversal and doesn’t blow herself up. Instead she sees Kimiko and attempts to use her gas jutsu on her as well. Noticing that she’s going to exhale something, Kimiko suspected the girl as a fire user and attempts to coat her in the Divine Wind Shield. It turns out that she couldn’t quite see what was exhaled, but the invisible nature tips Kimiko off as a wind technique of some kind. Yet the true result of the jutsu is soon revealed for once the Divine Wind Shield finishes its protection, the rogue kunoichi is laughing crazily. She joins Daisuki and Taiichi and begins laughing with them.

Kimiko heads over to them and begins to disable the kunoichi. The smell of gas confirms her suspicions and allows her to focus on doing the task. Flipping over the rogue kunoichi, she holds her in a pin, only to get no proper reaction. Instead she decides to break her arm which nets a response, albeit not one that was made in conscious. Kimiko then proceeds to break the other arm but before she can completely disable it, the enemy kunoichi’s fingers curl, activating the tag on her head. Making a quick decision, Kimiko utilizes a throw she read about. Thanks to the appropriate conditions (ie a willing er unwilling target), Kimiko is able to pull off a text book throw, launching the gas user towards the village fire, where she explodes leaving a crater. Kimiko is then forced to listen to the high babbling of Taiichi and Daisuki before they come back to their senses. Diego soon joins them having dispatched his enemy. Sadly, they had killed off the cell and the village while no longer in flames is certainly damaged. What little fires are left will have to be used to destroy the bodies, so that they don’t leave any evidence for the Terrorist Group.


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