Disposable Heroes

The Amalgamation of Cloud, Enter Daisuki!

The new team is formed...how will they fare?

Our session begins Taiichi and Kimiko splitting up for the day (well Taiichi left Kimiko anyway), after the yet unnamed Cloud ninja took off. Taiichi made sure to head home to sleep, one of his favourite activities. Kimiko decided to pick up several books from the library (Si-Fu Karate,Origami, and a book on training the mind and body) and figure out where Shinkei’s house is, in order to pay her respects to his family. After bonding a bit with Shinkei’s mom, she tries to open up to his sister Koharu. Sadly this results in failure but she leaves her a note indicating that Shinkei had something to tell her. After this, she says her goodbyes and the story picks up early the next day.

Kimiko awakens early, remembering that Shinkei usually did the morning run. Unfortunately she was too nervous to request Taiichi join her, thus time quickly passed until it was 5:30. Hotaru comes to see Kimiko and inform her of the town meeting. Meanwhile Taiichi is woken up from a wonderful dream. There were no ninjas, people didn’t notice him too much…life was good, except for Sanjo poking him. No matter what, the Sanin was a key part in his “life”. This caused his perfect dream to end, with the genin waking up to his master. He alerts him of the town hall meeting but the conversation changes to Taiichi’s supposed psychic prowress. Fascinated by this, Taiichi has to manipulate the situation to investigate the town hall when—- Diego visits Taiichi. He knocks on the window and Taiichi gets himself more awake and appearing decently enough. Hotaru and Kimiko leave fairly early to get there, whilst Diego takes the time to catch up with Taiichi. The realization that all that remains of his team is the former Iwa-genin, doesn’t bring down Diego; who instead tries to put up a brave face. Taiichi is equally as uncomfortable with that fact but he’s just happy that Diego is there. It is with this optimism that the two set out to the Town Hall Meeting.

It also occurs to Taiichi that staying with Diego keeps Sanjo away, at least in theory. Once the two sets of “teams” arrive, the announcement begins. The Hokage explains Cloud’s situation and the resolution to their problem. Cloud can no longer operate as a village, the civilians being wiped out and their numbers reduced has torn down the great nation’s military might. Thus what remains of Cloud becomes Konoha. In light of this, teams are reshuffled which causes many to be distressed. Enter Daisuki, late for the meeting and missing the speech. He comes in clapping and jovial. This causes Taiichi to start clapping and no sooner is everyone clapping. Well besides Kimiko who clings to Hotaru in fear of losing her. Those distressed about the team reshuffling were Cloud ninja, particularly a team of all cloud ninja. They look to Daisuki and question why he’s happy.

He responds that he missed the speech and seems content with this. The new teams would be displayed in an hour and everyone mingles in light of this. Well except for Daisuki whom tries to hide away from Leaf ninja and our heroes with their senseis. Taiichi spots Daisuki, recognizing him from the other day, but still doesn’t know his name. He realizes that he’s the source of the clapping though. Meanwhile Kimiko spots Tenma and decides to speak with him. She was concerned about how distressed he seemed to be at Shinkei’s funeral. However when she speaks to him, that distress isn’t even there. Instead he’s rather upset about something.

He brushes off Kimiko by insulting her (the worse of which was him saying that he wouldn’t come to Konoha Cafe). Though Kimiko continues to pry into his feelings, where he reveals the source of his anger is Tetsuya. Apparently he wasn’t at the funeral after all and that he’d seen Tetsuya that day. He hints at being attacked by him, though Kimiko kindly reminds him that Tetsuya isn’t in the village, along with Shinkei actually being dead. Still, having discerned that Tenma was his usual self, it’s only upon confirmation of Tetsuya having his red sword and his bird companion Tezuka(though Tezuka is not mentioned by name) that she thanks Tetsuya under her breath as she leaves Tenma. Like a good friend, he didn’t truly abandon Shinkei, especially at such a critical juncture.

Returning to Hotaru, the team rosters are revealed on white boards. Everyone’s name is displayed in Alphabetical order, displaying whom their teammate is beside their names (and the jounin if they have one). Taiichi is the first to look at the roster, finding Kimiko’s name before his own. He realizes that they are on the same team but he won’t be continuing on with Diego. This saddens Taiichi while Kimiko is happy to retain what little of her team she has. Daisuki eventually checks the roster and realizes he’s on a team with two “Leafies”, whom he describes rather distastefully.

To make matters worse, he sees the first mixed team, with a Cloud genin receiving a Konoha headband. This does not bode well with Daisuki and he contemplates what he’ll do when presented with such a thing. Thankfully he need not contemplate too long, for his team (31), is announced and when Kimiko, Taiichi and Hotaru take the stage, he realizes that they’re in fact the genin he met the other day. Not being pleased with this, he removes his hood and tries to keep a neutral expression as he steps up to the podium. The ANBU hands him a leaf headband and the contemplating resumes, though he does at least take the headband in his hand. He clenches it tight, seething as his pride is on the line. Wearing this headband represents him being a Konoha ninja, the very ninja who came into his village, interupted the genin festival/tournament and struck his pride. He contemplates throwing the headband into the air and skewering it with his rapier but has a look around.

His look around confirms that doing such would be a bad idea and so he walks off stage with Hotaru and the others. Once they’re off stage, he gives the headband back to Hotaru. He explains that he’s got a perfectly good headband which he earned; his Cloud headband. Hotaru being the strict teacher she is, squats down and explains to him that Cloud no longer exists, he is now a Konoha Shinobi from Cloud. This of course infuriates Daisuki further, as he insults Konoha. Yet the conversation doesn’t resume as Diego has already spoken with the Hokage. He comes along back close to the group, Hotaru gets up and heads over to speak with them.

They soon begin to argue, pointing to Taiichi and Kimiko respectively, neither really wants to abandon their only genin. As the arguments ensue between the Jounin, tension picks up amongst our heroes. Kimiko has become increasingly upset with Daisuki and his attitude towards Konoha and her sensei. She walks up to him, wanting to confront him but unable to find the right words to say. Instead she looks into his eyes, trying to understand him and how he feels. Taiichi himself also tries to break the ice, letting Daisuki know that he himself was an Iwa ninja before becoming a Konoha ninja.

Since Taiichi mentioned that he was left back during the war, Daisuki understands why he has no pride. Taiichi then asks about Tetsuya, which sparks something within the Kumo genin. As he rages further, uttering Tetsuya’s name, a familiar face comes by. Tenma, along with Aaron and Xiang Xiao arrive. Tenma shares Daisuki’s disdain for Tetsuya, introducing himself and explaining that he’s not a fan of 90% of the people present. Supposedly he’s trying not to catch the “idoicoy”. This angers Aaron who tries to warn Daisuki about Tenma’s ways, but it goes over head as Daisuki seems to get along with Tenma, shaking hands. Aaron gives up on the two, insisting their made for each other. Kimiko’s attention is split now, looking at Daisuki whom she’s upset with, greeting Aaron and Tenma with a wave, followed by Hotaru and Diego’s argument heating up. Taiichi too realizes this and turns to watch. Kimiko sees them arguing and takes a guess that it’s probably about them. She suggests to Taiichi that they should try to stop them.

Taiichi whom fears authority, doesn’t feel confident in confronting either master and thus tries to hold Kimiko back. The momentary distraction causes her attention to shift back to the group. This allows her to take note of Xiang Xiao glaring at her. She follows her eyes, taking note of Taiichi’s hand on her shoulder. She quickly realizes why the girl is upset. Thus she requests that Taiichi remove his hand and takes a step away from him. Taiichi of course only sees Kimiko waving her hand and is puzzled by this. Not that he has much time to contemplate as Genbu, Tenbu, and Zenbu join the gathering. They note that Diego is now their sensei and the mingling continues. Daisuki questions if the trio are brothers, to which they reveal their charm of…speaking rather in turn. No the trio aren’t brothers but they certainly seem that way. While this happens, the bickering Jounins get a bit loud, with Hotaru slapping Diego across the face. Kimiko trying to slip away from the group to stop the two jounin, hears this and turns to see them. Yet once everyone else turns to face the jounin, they see them making out suddenly.

Everyone is in shock at the display, Kimiko freezing up, Daisuki looking offended and surprised, and Taiichi taken aback. Eventually the two part ways flickering off for fifteen minutes, as does Tenma’s team. Kimiko waves bye to Tenma and Aaron. Daisuki sees Tenma leaving and they share their enthusiasm to pay back Tetsuya one last time. The trio properly greet the group now and continue to discuss. No sooner do they see Diego return. Diego seems rather triumphant, he announces that the teams were changed again. He is now the sensei of Team 31, much to Taiichi’s happiness and Kimiko’s dismay. Kimiko’s dismay is shared by Genbu, Tenbu, and Zenbu, whom ask about Hotaru as a teacher to the group. Kimiko has nothing but praise and warns them about studying properly. Taiichi alerts them to be careful and to follow instructions.

Hotaru soon returns and instructs the trio that they’ll be meeting at the library. Kimiko feels rather heartbroken by this, whilst Daisuki doesn’t care too much. Somewhat relieved that he no longer has to deal with the jounin himself. Kimiko tries to cling to Hotaru for as long as she can, the jounin trying to raise her spirits about the situation. After one last hug and promising to spend time with Kimiko, Hotaru leaves with her new team in-tow. This leaves Team 31 to pick a meeting place. Taiichi explains where they met up with Hotaru and eventually picks out a new spot for them to meet. Once ready, they move out with Kimiko lagging behind a bit as she watches the spot where Hotaru had left.

At the new meeting spot, the team does introductions once more. Daisuki is asked to start; requiring that he state his name, strengths, and weaknesses. He does so, explaining that his strength is being a ninja, his weakness his not being that good at ninja things (Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and hand to hand). Next up is Kimiko whom appologizes first (for being down and not really saying much to Diego earlier). She explains that she’s good at Ninjutsu, chakra control and Wind Elment manipulation. Her weakness is her physical prowress and lack of Taijutsu in general. Last but certainly not least is Taiichi, whom explains his strengths of Invisibility and Sensory Chakra. His weakness being a bit of everything else. As he does so, he makes sure ot promptly thank Diego for his strengths to which Daisuki notes he’s a suck up and Kimiko, though quiet seems to agree with his notion.

Regardless, with introductions out of the way, Diego feels its time for a mission. He’s already picked one out, which Daisuki pegs him using the Shadow Clone to do so (as a guess). Diego doesn’t seem to deny such and thus explains the basis of the mission. The group will take thirty minutes to prepare equipment before departing to Rice Field Country. As they do so, they begin to discuss strategy and choose a formation (Diego leads, Kimiko behind, Taiichi behind her, and Daisuki taking the rear). They also begin to bond as they travel, Daisuki seemingly is getting along with Diego sensei. He asks key questions concerning the mission such as info on their targets, the objective and how they’ll take to combat. The group is tasked with blowing up a bridge in order to infiltrate a terrorist group. To do so, they must incapacitate four civilians whom are being recruited into the group. They call themselves “The People” for they feel that the nation is wasting resources on Otogakure, instead of fueling the economoy. They’ve already destroyed two banks and now they want to take out this bridge. Diego makes it clear that they must not harm the recruited civilians and they’ve got to blow the bridge up without civilian casualities.

It is this discussuion which causes Kimiko to speak up. She explains her jutsu aren’t suited to such an operation and she lacks the physical prowress to incapacitate as well. Diego questions Daisuki on his own strength, (which is barely stronger than Kimikos) illustrating that it’s not just about strength. This makes her curious as she pulls out the book on Si-Fu Karate to read through, looking for maneuvers to take down the enemy without killing them. Their journey continues, with Diego whistling happily, to which Daisuki insists that he’s stealing his shtick. Appologizing for such, he says he’ll “ask permission to whistle next time”, which Daisuki makes sure to keep him accountable to. Attempting to get used to her new jounin, Kimiko feels brave enough to ask him about what they saw earlier, the makeout session. In particular, she asks if Diego likes Hotaru. He responds with a yes, citing his respect for her skills and teaching. Though Kimiko soon clarifies if he likes her romantically, as in love. He promptly says no, which causes Kimiko to remain quiet thereafter, thus continuing their journey to the Land of Ricefields.


Ami Lee

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