Akisame Juliet

The Falling Rain


Juliet is a beautiful kunoichi from Rain. She wears dark kimonos and has long flowing hair, but there is almost always a perpetually sad look in her eyes. She is rumoured to be the “falling rain”, a title given to a prodigal rain ninja born every five generations, said to be able to harness and control the weather itself.


On a team with Kimino and Gloria, she breezed through the initial stages of the Season 2 Chuunin exams and was right up there as one of the favourites to win. She demolished Akra in the preliminaries, but almost surrendered to Sena in the first round of the finals, when he took her teammate Kimino hostage. With Tetsuya’s intervention, however, Kimino was freed and Juliet struck Sena down with a lightning bolt. She was set to fight Tenma in the next round, but the chaotic ending of the Chuunin exams prevented that match from ever occuring.

Akisame Juliet

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