Hashimoto Tetsuya

So you've come to learn about me? Alright well let's start with the basics.


Age: 13 (as of May 21st)

Birthplace: Hi no Kuni

Clan: Hashimoto

Height: Approximately 5’5

Weight: 120

Rank: Former Genin, Missing Ninja, Growing Detective!


Shunshin no Jutsu Mid Stage (After Images) Muldahara (The First Gate) Goken Fighting Style Kuchiyose no Jutsu [Cat Family] Muay Thai Fighting Style

Inventory Two Real Lightbombs 4 Kunai Two Exploding Tag (1Dust Bomb) 1 Knife Red Cutlass



I’m a rather laid back guy, the perfect gentleman and I’m always willing to help those who need it. I’m not a fan of people being oppressed, you can say I’m a defender. I don’t like people dictating my life. I’ll forge my own path with my own hands. I believe that anyone can accomplish whatever they put their mind to it; thanks to Hitari Kazuki. Being a shinobi is a different lifestyle for me. Earning my own way is…interesting, to say the least.

If you ask me what sort of ambitions I have, well…I want to change the world of Politics and Military strife, so that people can understand each other. To do this, I need to gain strength, otherwise my amibition will be a fleeting memory. Fate isn’t my friend, no matter what I do I feel like it forever antagonizes me, however the moment I left Konoha; I finally got on Fate’s good side.

I prefer to laugh and bring a lighter mood when I can. I value friendship, those who I’ve made a bond with are the ones I truly wish to protect from the evils of this world. Anyone who raises a hand to them will be cut down.

Recently I’ve been thinking about my former ninja career. I didn’t really deserve it in comparison to my friend Shinkei. He was born and raised in Konoha. He’s been bred to do this as his destiny. As for me, I was running away from mines, but not anymore. I was blessed with making friends from a world I didn’t belong to, now to repay my blessings, I’ll do what I can from my side.

My confidence and determination are certainly my strength. I like to think I inspire people, I have to be strong in order to lift the spirits of those around me. What sort of title or power do I need to create change? Well, stick with me and we’ll find out together.

Likes: Ramen, girls~!, adventure, and challenges (mental and recently physical). Dislikes: those whom oppress others, negativity, evil, etc.


Diego – My former sensei, a cool adult in this village. He reminds me of my brother.

Shinkei – Someone I protected in the academy, I’ve since come to think of him as a good friend, probably my best. It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t convince him to join me on my quest, however having someone with my ideals on the inside is just as good. We’ll meet again soon I’m sure.

Taiichi – A former teammate, he’d originally hailed from Iwagakure and when war broke out was poised to return home. For some reason he changed his mind, unfortunately I had to leave him in order to pursue justice. I hope he can still think of me as a friend, I’ll try to aid him and Shinkei in their quest.

Father – ”...” Perhaps we’ll be able to work something out with my new path in life.

Mother – I shouldn’t burden her too much, now that I’ve ceased my path as a ninja, I’ll try to sneak into the country when I can. My last visit left much to be discussed, but as a member of the Hashimoto Clan and prominent heir, I’ll do what I can to bring justice to this world, and to free my country from it’s military system’s flaws.

Older Sister – If she was a boy, I’m sure father would be proud. I trust she’ll be able to provide me some aid in my journey.

Middle Sister – Personally she’s not one of my favourite people, too much like my father, she’s back in Konoha anyway, so I won’t be seeing her again ever.

Middle Sister’s Husband Yuusuke – He’s my brother in law but I consider him like a blood brother. He’s the reason I came to Konoha. I’m grateful to him for opening this option in my life, really. Howeve I’m a man who follows my own path, onwards to justice.

Tenma – My former rival, during the academy days I thought I’d be able to get closer to him but he just keeps getting further away. I didn’t hate him then, more like a challenging/annoying guy but recently…the darkness I see within him is just detestable. He’s a tool of the system and I don’t care whether I cross paths with him again or not. If I do however, I’ll certainly eliminate him.

Yume-sama – She’s an angel, though I do understand where she’s coming from. Being of similar background, I wish I could just take her away from the life of the wealthy. I think she’d really enjoy it, she reminds me of myself. I’d love to get to know her more (did I mention she’s really beautiful), but lately I’ve begun to think it’s impossible. She’s on a level way above me, she’s older than me. I should just support her as a friend, if I can even see her again…

Tezuka – Entered last but far from least, he’s my companion in crime (literally). We’ve grown closer now and our adventure is just beginning. He disapproves of a lot of my old antics, but now we’re communicating better. Perhaps if I had met him back home we’d be different. Still, he’s my friend I’ll protect him no matter what. He reminds me of the simple things in life and why I’ve chosen my path.

Hashimoto Tetsuya

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