Minami Kimiko

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Minami Kimiko is a Konoha Genin of 5’0 in height. She has long silver hair which extends to her mid back, as well as deep blue eyes. Her skin is rather pale and she’s rather lightweight. Kimiko is fond of changing the colour of her attire per day (because it helps her to remember what day it is), but regardless she retains her pink utility belt. For reference:

Sunday – Yellow:

The first day of the week should be bright like the morning sun, thus Kimiko wears a yellow top. Emblazed on the back are the sillhouettes of sunflowers circling the Konoha symbol in the middle. It’s actually a zip up jacket and beneath it she wears a white top. Her traditional scarf/Konoha forehead protector is yellow to match her top (with the silver metalic portion being more of a limestone, worn to the back of the neck). Wearing a white mini skirt; it reaches down to her knees. She compliments her skirt with yellow shorts which match with her yellow sandals for this day.

Monday – Blue:

The second day of the week and the end of the weekend. A tranquil colour but also the start of the work week (hence people feeling ‘blue). Naturally, monday’s top is a Blue tube top with no sleeves. Along the back are the sillhouettes of white sakura petals circling the Konoha symbol in the middle. Her traditional scarf/forehead protector is blue to match her top, the metal base is a metallic blue likewise. Today’s mini skirt is whit, reaching down to her knees as per Kimiko’s standard dress code. However the waist ban and edges are blue. Beneath her skirt she wears blue shorts which match with Konoha’s standard blue sandals.

Tuesday – Green:

The third day of the week and a day which she commemorates to Konoha. Wearing a short sleeved green t-shirt, along the back are the sillhouettes of white Japanese maples, circling the Konoha symbol in the middle. Today’s scarf/forehead protector is green(with the metalic part being a metalic green) to match her top. This white mini-skirt features pockets along the side dowards the bottom of the skirt, reaching down to her knees. The pockets are linned with a green/white trim, like a pepper mint twist. Beneath her skirt she wears green shorts which also have that pepper mint twist. Her sandals are green to match the attire.

Wednesday – Orange:

This top is oriental in nature, being an Orange chinese top, emblazed on the back are the sillhouettes of white circles, orbiting the Konoha symbol in the middle. Likewise her scarf/forehead protector is orange to match her top (the metal portion is just silver like a standard issued protector). Her mini skirt is white, reaching down to her knees. Beneath her skirt she wears a loose orange shorts, they extend a bit past the knee and match her orange sandals.

Thursday – Purple:

This top is purple and short sleeved, it has a purple hood though Kimiko rarely wears the hood up. On the back are the sillhouettes of leaves (the prominent leaves seen on Konoha’s trees), circling the Konoha symbol in the middle. The scarf/konoha forehead protector is Purple to match her top. It’s thicker in make than the other scarves. This mini skirt is white, with a cross-hatched pattern(purple and white) reaching down to her knees. Beneath her skirt she wears purple shorts which match with her purple sandals for this day.

Friday – Red:

For the second last day of the week, Kimiko wears a red sweater, emblazed on the back are the sillhouettes of clouds, circling the Konoha symbol in the middle. Similarly, her scarf/konoha forehead protector is red to match her top (the metalic portion is a metalic red). This mini skirt is while appearing white has a light hint of red, making it seem almost pink. It reaches down just past her knees. Beneath her skirt she wears red shorts that end before the knees. They match with her red sandals for this day.

Sat – Pink:

The last day of the week and the day she commemorates her mother. Kimiko wears a pink kimono modified so that it ends at the knees. It’s the only fullpiece attire she wears as a regular uniform. Emblazed on the back is the Minami Clan crest; an arrow portrayed with traditional Japanese clouds, directed south. The Kanji is spelt out on either side of the arrow and it’s done in white. Of note is that this costume was made by her mother years in advance, as part of her graduation gift. Her traditional scarf/konoha forehead protector is pink to match the Kimono. Beneath her kimono she wears pink shorts which match her pink sandals for this day. These sandals are thin strapped compared to the usual thick straps which many male shinobi and young kunoichi would wear.

In terms of the gear Kimiko has on person:

Pink Utility Belt (5 Pouch Slots):

Pouch Slot 1 – Senbon x 24 Pouch Slot 2 – Chakram (Size/Weight TBD) Pouch Slot 3 – Chakram (Size/Weight TBD) Pouch Slot 4 – Exploding Pouches x 15 Middle Pouch Slot 5 – Exploding Tags x 10

Name: Kimiko
Clan: Minami
Age: 12
Birthday: Oct 16th
Origin: Fire Country – Hidden Leaf Village
Current Residence: Hidden Leaf Village


“The Returning breeze is comprised of what you said in the initial breeze.” – Minami Ayeaka. It’s a Minami saying which is effectively “what goes around, comes around”. This acts as the basis for her polite upbringing. Treat others the way you’d want them to treat you, but it extends beyond more than a simple desire for reciprocal feelings. The desire to help people and reach out to them, stems from how much empathy Kimiko has. Unfortunately these good traits are met with equally negative traits. Kimiko lacks self-confidence, yet always strives to keep up with her father’s expectations. It results in a very humbled girl, though she lacks her own desires.

She also suffers from abandonment issues, due to the lack of attention she receives from home. Her father and brothers are quite busy with their own careers, her mother is deceased, Kimiko is always worried about people close to her leaving her. It results in her being rather clingy, willing to do whatever it takes to make people happy, just so they won’t abandon her. Thankfully, when others are happy; Kimiko is at her best. Not just in terms of being happy, but confidence as well. If her friends and family believe in her, then she can do whatever her mind is set on.

Kimiko can be very passive, rarely expressing her opinion unless asked for or if she asks to express it. She tends to listen to others, rather than speak herself and she finds enjoyment in this. People have wonderful stories, live experience, and jokes. She’s got a good sense of humour, though she’ll rarely tell a joke of her own.

Miscellaneous Quirks:

Kimiko has rather autistic tendencies, she wears a certain colour of clothing per day. She is quite good with repetition as a means of memorization. Extremely polite, almost unnecessarily so at times. She’s usually quite reserved and doesn’t speak up unless asked or necessary.


Secret Wind Jutsu: Divine Wind Hand [Fuuton no Hijutsu: Kamikaze no Te] This Wind jutsu is Kimiko’s speciality jutsu. It creats a hand of wind which operates within a 30-feet radius (10 Meter). It’s capable of doing anything her normal hand could. Requires the two-handed Birdseal to be performed. Kimiko can move around while holding the Birdseal. Drains chakra over time and can only effect one object at a time. The object must be able to be seen before the wind hand can effect it. The object cannot be heavier than what Kimiko could pick up normally.

Secret Wind Jutsu: Divine Wind Guidance [Fuuton no Hijutsu: Kamikaze no Annai] Utilizing the basics of Divine Wind Hand, Kimiko can guide projectiles within her 30-feet radius (10 meters). It is only capable of influencing one object at a time, but effectively helps her to home the objects (usually senbon) towards their target.Object must be seen in order to be affected by Divine Wind Guidance. It’s weight must not be more than Kimiko could handle normally. Requires the bird handseal.

Secret Wind Jutsu: Divine Wind Path [Fuuton no Hijutsu: Kamikaze no Keiro] Applying the basics of Divine wind Hand, Divine Wind Path focuses Kimiko’s wind nature manipulation towards her feet. This allows for her to float in midair up to 1 meter. With full chakra, she can traverse up to one mile (1.61 Kilometers) before depleting her chakra. Requires the bird handsign.

Secret Wind Jutsu: Divine Wind Protection [Fuuton no Hijutsu: Kamikaze no Hogo] Applying principals from Divine Wind Path, wind chakra is channeled around Kimiko in a sphere. This sphere serves to divert projectiles and weaporny alike, acting as a nice shield. Kimiko must remain still during Divine Wind Protection, holding the bird handsign. She can apply this technique to those within 30feet of her (10 meters). The sphere emits inches away from the target (or herself). If performed on another target, the target can still move and take actions without the same penalties as if the technique was performed on Kimiko. However, Kimiko must remain still holding the Birdhandseal regardless.


Weaponry Knowledge – Good knowledge of various projectile weapons and how to handle them.


Genjutsu Understanding – Understanding the various types of genjutsu helps for one to break genjutsu more effectively.

Release [Kai] – Technique used to dispel genjutsu (and release techniques in general).

Special Abilities:

Fast Draw – Kimiko can draw and throw senbon quickly owing to dilligent practice and training. This means she can throw senbon quicker than most non-specialised ninja. Not a huge buff, but useful. A powerful ninja, even a non-specialist, can still be faster than Kimiko with the right conditions.

Wind Understanding- Kimiko can read the wind currents and determine direction. She can use this, with clever positioning to help her techniques or inconvenience the enemy, perhaps. Unlike the other ability, this provides no active benefit but is a passive trait which, through clever play, can be used tactically. Whilst the flow of the wind is not always favourable, Kimiko can tell when it is and when it’s not.


Minami Hosuke:

Kimiko’s proud father and avid business man. He takes good care of the family with Kimiko assisting in the family run Cafe. Their relationship is similar to a coach and his prized athlete at times, due to his constant encourgament as well as high expectations.

Minami Ryusuke:

Kimiko’s oldest brother, he’s a well respected chef and restaurant proprieter in the fire country capital. Ryusuke has a much more protective vibe for his sister, akin to a tough guy act; since he knows her kind nature can be easily manipulated. Unfortunately because he’s so busy, he doesn’t get to spend as much time with her.

Minami Daisuke:

Kimiko’s older brother and the middle child in the family. Daisuke is the family member whom Kimiko tends to relate secrets to if any, as he understands her feelings quite well. He’s not as protective as Ryusuke but looks out for his sister in his own way (usually by keeping her supplied). While not as busy as Ryusuke due to his own career being in Konoha itself, he too isn’t around as often to spend time with her.

Minami Ayeaka:

Kimiko’s deceased mother whom she misses terribly. At night she often speaks with her through prayer, though her conversations are rather one sided. Kimiko believes that her mother can hear her and tries to keep her updated as much as she can. Ayeaka was a former Konoha ninja.

Torro Diego:

A jounin whom Kimiko met during the Chuunin Exam Tournament. She doesn’t know much about the red head, other than him knowing her own sensei.

Muramasa Shinkei:

A classmate and fellow graduate of the academy. Shinkei was rather quiet so she never spoke with him directly. She watched his match during the Tournament. After the Chuunin exams, Shinkei was transfered to Kimiko’s team. Realizing that Shinkei was not used to the training methods of her team, she tried to accomodate him. Eventually they were sent on a high ranking mission together. This mission would be their last, as Shinkei died during the final battle. Kimiko blames herself for this and wishes to make ammends.

Hashimoto Tetsuya:

A classmate and fellow graduate of the academy. Tetsuya was a rather vocal classmate and she knew of his exploits. Kimiko felt bad when Tetsuya performed poorly in shuriken class and often made sure not to go directly after him. Seeing him again during her mission, she noted that he’d changed so much from the Academy. Truly a much stronger person with noble intentions, though she wishes he’d return to Konoha. She also isn’t sure how to tell him about Shinkei or when she’ll get the chance to, if ever.

Kensei Tenma:

A classmate and fellow graduate of the academy. Poised as the Rookie of the year, Kimiko was usually second to his efforts. Despite Tenma’s attitude, Kimiko admires his confidence and diligence in the ninja world, though it’s not quite clear if she has a crush on him, she at least respects him.


Kimiko’s former teammate. He was a rather confident individual whom disliked other well-talked about ninja. While he disliked the boring missions and Hotaru’s training methods, he usually completed them so as to not incur additional “help” from their sensei. With his confidence, he acted as a leader of sorts, covering for Ojiru when he was late and generally giving an opinion on what to do if Hotaru was not directly present.


Kimiko’s former teammate. During the incident which sparked the war, Ojiru decided to leave Konoha for good, despite Kimiko trying her best to protect him. Ojiru always wanted to get more hands-on with his shinobi life, usually complained about their D-rank missions, and received extra focus from Hotaru for his laziness.


Kimiko’s jounin sensei whom she admires a lot. Hotaru has shaped her career well thus far. Kimiko thinks of her as an older sister/mentor/ and friend. If she can’t speak with Daisuke about something, she’ll usually confide in Hotaru.

Nagasuke Taiichi:

Kimiko’s new teammate, he was transfered to her team along with Shinkei. Kimiko didn’t know much about Taiichi before his transfer, except that he was with Diego-sensei during the chuunin exams. Retrieving Mist’s scrolls with him, she’s gain new understanding in the type of person he is and enjoys working with him. She’s grateful that he wasn’t caught up in the final moments of conflict with the Mokuton user and it was with him in mind (as well as any survivors), that she didn’t hesitate to kill. For now, Taiichi is all that Kimiko has left of her team, along with Hotaru-sensei.


Minami Kimiko grew up in Konohagakure in a loving home. Her family operated a Cafe, which influenced her love for tea. Her mother being a ninja, knew of the harsh world of Shinobi but discovering her potential at an early age, felt she had to place Kimiko within the academy, despite her father wanting all his children to have prominent careers. When Ayeaka died, he maintained her wish and encouraged Kimiko through the academy. Seeing her results made him proud, wanting to push her to be the very best she could be, just like her mother.

Season 1

Kimiko has interesting adventures off-screen. Learning all about the life of Shinobi…through books and basic D-rank missions.

Season 2

Despite having a quiet reputation as a prodigy amongst higher up in Konoha, Kimiko doesn’t want to enter the Chuunin exams. Instead she choses to watch them during the tournament. Considering all the foreigners that entered the village for the exam, many prominent ninja caught her eye; such as Ulric. She also wanted to support Konoha’s entrants, especially since they were from her graduating year.

Season 3

Being injured during the initial break-out of the Iwa-Konoha war, what remained of her team wasn’t assigned to any missions. Her teammate Ojiru ran away from Konoha, her other teammate Hiretsu died during their attempt to meet-up at Konoha’s Library. Once she recovered from her injuries during the war, new teammates were transfered to her team. Right in the Third Hokage’s office, she met Muramasa Shinkei and Nagasuke Taiichi. They had lost a teammate as well but certainly seemed far more experienced than she did. It made her feel a bit timid but at the same time, she wanted to accomodate them as much as possible.

After meeting up at the Konoha library, Hotaru-sensei gives them standard study assignments. Kimiko had been doing these since she started her career as a genin, but this new method was different for Taiichi and Shinkei. Noticing Shinkei’s discomfort, she tries to assist him in his studies, without doing the work for him as she would with Hiretsu and Ojiru. She didn’t anticipate Hotaru-sensei would place them under a genjutsu in order to test their collaboration efforts. While they successfully defended themselves, there team-work still needed improvement.

To celebrate, Hotaru advised they go to Konoha Cafe, much to Kimiko’s dismay. It had taken awhile for her older brother to get used to Hiretsu and Ojiru around, should he see Shinkei and Taiichi with her, without proper warning; things could get bad. She also knew her father’s tendency to “upsell” to people and didn’t reaally want to make her new teammates uncomfortable. Taking the longest route possible to get to the Cafe, whilst trying to calm her nerves, she settled on being the one to serve them. It would be a nice way to show her appreciation and possibly keep the situation under control.

However her akward tendencies left a strange impression on her new teammates, which lingered right into their first mission. A diplomatic mission involving peace talk with Iwagakure to end the war. They traveled to grass along with other prominent Konoha ninja and the Hokage himself. In grass she’d meet a genin team from Iwagakure and socialized before the meeting would begin. However before the talks could set in, urgent news came in. Mist’s scroll had been stolen and the culprits were close by.

Due to the tense situation between the villages, they could not send their stronger ninja. Thus, Iwa and Konoha’s genin teams were sent out to retrieve the scroll. They fought against very strong ninja, certainly chuunin level. Kimiko did her best to assist the squad as much as possible, yet her efforts still couldn’t protect Kaito and Shinkei, whom died during the final encounter. Her attempt to surprise and defeat the enemy only succeeding at the end. With only Jordan and Taiichi remaining, she’d bring back the squad leader along with the scroll, back to Kusagakure. They then debrifed their superiors and took the necessary criticism for their mistakes.

Minami Kimiko

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