Muramasa Shinkei

"Keep Fighting. The world's not gonna change all by itself."


Full Name:

Muramasa Shinkei



Birth Date:

22nd of April

Ninja Village:

Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf)


Elemental Ninjutsu, Blended with Taijutsu Arts.

Primary Weapons:

  • Lightning Gauntlets – Gauntlets given to Shinkei by Hyuuga Raiden. After hearing the news of Shinkei’s father’s death from Kakita Aya, Raiden spent some time with Shinkei during a mission in the Lightning country, helping console him, and offering some advice, After which, the Hyuuga presented Shinkei with the Gauntlets to aide him in his training. The Gauntlets help focus Raiton based Chakra, and if Raiton chakra is pumped into them, three lightning-based, blue claws appear on either glove. The gauntlets are fairly skin tight, and are moderately thick, but do not hinder hand-seals in any way.

Secondary Weapons:

  • 50 ft. Med. Gauge Ninja Wire
  • 20 ft. Razor Wire
  • 10 ft. Low Gauge Ninja Wire
  • 5 Kunai
  • 3 Shuriken
  • 1 Smoke Bomb



Transformation Technique – Allows the user to alter their appearance. Seals: 1

Substitution Technique – Allows the user to replace themselves with a similarly-sized nearby object set up in advance. Seals: 5

Release Technique – Dispels Genjutsu afflicting the target. Seals: 1

Tree-Climbing Technique – Allows the user to cling to solid surfaces with their feet and concentrate chakra to their feet for enhanced movements. Seals: 0

Water-Walking Technique – Allows the user to walk atop liquid surfaces. Seals: 0


Lightning Style: Fist of Thor: Mk I – Allows the user to form a bolt of lightning in their hand. The initial technique allows for an immaterial “Lightning Cannon” sort of technique, where the user shoots off a bolt of energy from their hand. Seals: 5 (Ox, Dragon, Rabbit, Rat, Monkey [Ushi, Tatsu, U, Ne, Saru]) Rank: C

Lightning Style: Fist of Thor: Mk II – Allows for solid lightning bolts of chakra to be created, and filled with lightning element chakra. Much like the mythical bolts thrown by Zeus, only shaped more like a spear, than a forked tongue. Seals: 5 (Ox, Dragon, Rabbit, Rat, Monkey [Ushi, Tatsu, U, Ne, Saru]) Rank: B

Lightning Style: Fist of Thor: Mk III – A refined version of the Mk II; Allows multiple, smaller lightning bolts of approximately senbon size to be made simultaneously. Seals: 5 (Ox, Dragon, Rabbit, Rat, Monkey [Ushi, Tatsu, U, Ne, Saru]) Rank: C



SiFu Karate – A style of martial arts originating in Cloud Country, which deals in an absolute sphere of defense, and the ideal of knowing “when to be the rock, and when to be the river which flows around it”. Epitomized by the crane stance, which is most commonly associated with it.


Shinkei is an average-sized 13 year old, with a slightly athletic build. (Given all the Early morning running and training done with Tetsuya) He has thick auburn, almost chestnut-brown hair, which has some length to it, but stays mostly in a semi-rigid spike form. His eyes are a rich violet in hue. He isn’t your average male model by any means, but he’s no greasy dog, either. His skin is somewhat pale, though much of that has changed with his recent ventures into the wilderness, growing tan through the long days of marching with his sensei.

His clothing varies. He was most often seen wearing black knee length cargo shorts, and a mesh t-shirt/black vest combination during his Academy and early Genin Days. However, recently he has taken to wearing a Kimono given to him by his sensei.


Shinkei is the kind of guy who just cares too much. He loves his family, although he’s awkward about expressing it, as he feels somewhat distant, given his career choice, and with how his parents showered his sister with attention. The recent death of his father has drawn he and his mother and sister together, somewhat, but he still feels that distance, knowing that neither truly know who he is, or how he feels.

He also cares about his teammates, sensei, his friends, and his girlfriend, Yamamoto Mayori. He’s a little more enthusiastic about his bonds between these people, as he’s less awkward with his relationships between them. He’s somewhat neurotic, and mildly paranoid, can be cynical and is quite often sarcastic, but otherwise he’s usually a happy person.

Given recent tragic events, however, his general mood has turned to apathy and anger. Witnessing the death of his father, and having to call into question the idea that he might have killed an innocent when he tried to avenge him, along with witnessing the deaths of some 50,000 people, has skewed his worldview with equal parts of angst and misery. He ventured down a path of self loathing and hating that the entire world seemed to be suffering around him, so many dying, while he was guilty enough to be allowed to live, powerless to stop the killing.

Other information:

  • Dislikes Ramen
  • Has low self-esteem
  • Enjoys time alone
  • Likes reading and playing games of strategy (Go, Shogi)
  • Enjoys Swimming

Family Members:

Muramasa Shuuhei: Shinkei’s father, Chuunin in Konohagure, proctor of the Third Exam. Deceased, killer unknown, initially thought to be Mikon Billy.

Muramasa Yumi: Shinkei’s Mother, a civilian. She means well, but more often than not doesn’t get her son. She loves him unconditionally, though, as well as his younger sister, and would do absolutely anything for them , and would do anything to keep them safe.

Muramasa Koharu: Shinkei’s sister. She’s a brat, as spoiled as it gets. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, more often than not she feels her only goal in life is to annoy Shinkei as much as possible, and play innocent when he complains to his parents about it.


Hashimoto Tetsuya: Shinkei’s original team-mate on Team 1. He and Shinkei have been to hell and back together, fighting through everything. Shinkei thinks him as a bit of a Tenacious, wayward spirit, who does things his own way, always thinking of honor, glory, and especially women. He’s not fond of Tetsuya’s love of Ramen though, and though their sentiments are most often similar, he and Shinkei most often come to different conclusions about things, based on their experiences. Tetsuya Recently left the Leaf Village, surrendering his career as a Ninja to grow on his own, and to try to figure out a way to change the world from the outside.

Nagasuke Taiichi: A new addition to Shinkei’s team, the ninja comes from Iwagakure. Shinkei thinks he’s kind of lazy, but gets on with him well enough, finding a fair amount of cynicism and mirth in the things he hears him say. He notes that the two don’t quite share the same passion about changing the way things work, but accepts that, and knows that everyone has their own path in life, despite his wishes to convince everyone to work toward the common good.


Content Not Found: torro_diego: Shinkei’s Jounin sensei. Diego-sensei has been teaching Shinkei and Tetsuya since their first days as genin, trying to show them how to be the best ninja that they can be. His training was integral in teaching shinkei how to control elemental chakra, and in his development of his own techniques. Shinkei thinks he’s a pretty cool guy, although he personally wonders what his sensei gets up to when he and the rest of team one are busy off on missions.

Kakita Aya: Shinkei’s Sannin sensei. Aya is a harsh, nondescript, borderline ruthless teacher, when it comes to her rules about how he must learn. She is unbending in her teachings, and Shinkei admires this about her, given that she is always the rock which refuses to move, changing the world around her with her actions. He sees her as a beautiful, but lethal person, a strong ally, and someone to be feared of making an enemy of. He is grateful for her teachings, and has taken some of her worldview to heart.

Other Important People:

Yamamoto Mayori: Shinkei’s Girlfriend. She’s a shy girl, a member of his Genin class from the academy. She graduated from the same class as him, and was placed on a team with his rival/nemesis, Kensei Tenma, and other fellow genin, Takahashi Aaron. He thinks a lot of her, and enjoys her company. He’s not entirely sure if his affections are fleeting, or if he might actually care so much for her that he loves her, but either way, he knows he wants to be with her whenever he can. He finds her to be kind, compassionate, funny, and above all, cute, and can’t help but be enamored of her, when funnily enough, she just so happens to apparently feel the same way.

Kensei Tenma: Biggest. Asshole. Ever. Shinkei CAN NOT stand Tenma. He’s not sure if it’s the arrogance, the smugness, the constant insults, the way he always attempts to prove he’s better than everyone else, the fact that he’ll do just about anything to claim superiority, or just generally that he’s a douche to everyone, but Shinkei can’t stand him. If given the opportunity, He’d beat Tenma senseless and then some, if he knew he wouldn’t get in trouble for it.

Zenbu/Genbu/Tenbu: A group of three Genin who used to terrorize Shinkei back in his academy days. Since then, he has earned their respect through his prowess as a ninja, the three of them looking up to Shinkei as a “Sempai”. Shinkei still harbors some doubts about the three, but has learned to forgive and forget for the sake of the village, and generally gets along well with them.


Shinkei grew up in Konohagakure, as the average child of a civilian and a ninja. He never really aspired to be anything, but, he was always somewhat quick to search out challenges, even as a young child. He has always been critical of things, but still somehow retained a measure of gullibility through it all, taking everything told to him at face value, unless it contradicts with something else.

He was never a physically strong child, preferring to show his intellectual side instead of physical ability. It got him picked on through his school years, and even all the way up into the academy.

Season I -

Shinkei trained long and hard, and eventually became a Genin of Konohagakure, proving himself in the Genin examination at the Academy. He was placed on a two-man team with Hashimoto Tetsuya, and the two went through a series of Missions together. Most were boring, including the investigation of a break in at a pet-store, but as the team were signed up for a C-rank mission, shit quickly hit the fan when the two genin and their sensei found out a much more sinister force than the one they’d initially set out to investigate was behind a plot to obtain hidden skills and jutsu.

After freeing an academy friend of theirs from the dungeon of a crazed lunatic, (Tetsuya having stolen precious goods of said lunatic on the way out) their team went on full retreat, escaping to a nearby village and training like mad-men in order to fend off the coming rampage that was Masato Kuroda.

After a long and drawn out fight with Kuroda, Tetsuya skewered the villain through the heart with a katana, and Shinkei electrified it with his recently acquired Fist of Thor technique. Tetsuya then decapitated him with a near-shunshin speed, double-eye jab.

After the fight, they rushed a wounded Diego back to the village, and then proceeded to pass out after the immense physical strain. They awoke to find that, even though they had tried their best, their friend had passed away. Kuran Kaguya, a friend of both Tetsuya and Shinkei in the Academy, had died. Diego was alright though, mind, he was fairly banged up.

Thinking Kuroda defeated, and utterly destroyed, the group headed home, but, for some reason or another, they ended up in what seemed to be a strange Genjutsu. Tetsuya relinquished the sets of eyes he had stolen from (insert name) to an Anbu who most likely wasn’t an Anbu, and the three were knocked unconscious. They ended up in some alternate space time reality in the past, where Shinkei met up with the Hyuuga Clan in the days before Konohagakure. He met with an Elder, Hyuuga Raiden, who taught him the limitations of his own technique, and how he could progress it to become stronger.

He also told them of what would come, of the Village of Konohagakure that would be formed, and of the Hyuuga’s prominent role within it. He vowed to assist the Hyuugas in their extermination of the (Insert name here) clan, but was brought back to the present.

The three Konoha ninjas woke up in the present with no clue as to what had happened, but they all knew something wrong had gone on, and that they’d essentially helped to re-write history the exact same way it had been written.

Season II -

A lot of developments occurred through Season 2. Shinkei found out that a girl he’d been sort of interested in held the same feelings as he did, and after a romp through the city, with her mother chasing her high and low, and with more than a little help from a knowing Tetsuya, Muramasa Shinkei and Yamamoto Mayori started along the precarious path of young, teenage dating.

It was at about this time that Tetsuya expressed a desire to join the upcoming Chuunin exams. Regrettably, however, they couldn’t compete, as their team lacked a third member. The two went on a mad hunt to find a third, and when Tenma’s team lagged out of competition due to Mayori feeling uncomfortable with competing, Tenma asked to join the boys in their quest to compete in the exams.

Together, with Diego, they set out to complete the four missions they were missing in order to qualify for the exams. However, after a day of missions, and with people arriving for the exams, a massive snowstorm started up, and things got iffy. Both Shinkei and Tetsuya passed out in the snow trying to identify what the cause of the snowstorm was, hearing a loud conversation between people they couldn’t identify. However, the next day led to a shif in the roster. Nagasuke Taiichi, a Gennin from Iwagakure came with a party of Iwa ninja for the Chuunin exams. As a show of good faith to bolster relations with the village, Taiichi was placed on a “multi-village team” with Shinkei and Tetsuya. Tenma and Aaron regrouped and formed a team with Hirohana Belle in the aftermath.

The three teammates trained a bit together, and, with the insistence and with a bit of guidance from their sensei, they learned to be a full three man team. They entered the exams, and just scraped through the first round, a tricky examination which was truthfully quite simple. “A ninja must look underneath the underneath!” coupled with other questions and problems which presented themselves.

The second round was a trip through the Forest of Death, where after being engaged in a fight with Iwa nin, and making an alliance with a bunch of Sound Ninja, and then furhter putting a gennin to an inch of his life for utterly humiliating him in combat due to a move Shinkei had launched in desperation; they had a run in with a group of three Cloud ninja who used wires to attack unsuspecting enemies.

After purposely tripping a trap they’d set up around a lake, Shinkei launched a bolt of lightning towards one of the ninja as they emerged from the water, killing the cloud-nin, and paralyzing his two comrades, who Tetsuya did in after. Following this, they had freed themselves from the bindings they were in, and took one of the keys they needed to free one of the sound nin.

They were trapped under Genjutsu by Belle, and a set of handcuffs was placed on Tetsuya. Tenma then demanded that the team hand over all the keys they had accrued, and threw away what he believed to be the Key to Tetsuya’s handcuffs into a lake. Unbeknown to him, however, Aaron had switched that key with the key they needed to free the other Sound nin. Aaron later came back and gave the group Tetsuya’s key, and expressed an utter hate for Tenma that had been unknown to the other three. The boys retrieved the Key, and with the Sound nin’s help, they made it through the Second Exam.

There was a preliminary to the third round, in which one on one contests were held to determine who would make it through to the third round. Both Tetsuya and Shinkei made it through, winning their respective fights, with Taiichi having a conservative fight, testing his abilities, and ultimately forfeiting when he ran out of chakra.

The two then discovered that the same one-on-one style fighting would happen in a month, in a big tournament, to decide who would become Chuunin.

Shinkei went off to train with Kakita Aya, a Sannin of the Hidden Leaf, who began to teach him SiFu Karate to supplement his skills. He was trained rigorously, and run to the ground, before he took his teachings to heart, and learned how to fend for himself in the wilderness. He traveled to the Lightning country with Aya, and met Hyuuga Raiden, the grandson of the Hyuuga he had spoken to in the past.

The Younger Raiden taught him how to summon up chakra instantaneously, and to use his whole body of chakra at once, instead of constantly converting a small amount. He also learned to visualize a defensive bubble around him, a sphere of defense, so to speak, from which he can block incoming attacks.

His training complete, he and Aya ventured back to the village, so that he could compete in the exams. Watching Tetsuya win his fight with Ease, Shinkei blazed through his encounter with Akidara Yonken with minimal bother as well. Just as the second round started up, however, The first fight ended things quickly, as all hell broke loose.

Shinkei’s father Shuuhei had tried to stop the fight between Mikon Billy and Ryuujin Ulric. Seeing that Billy had clearly won, and that everything else was only overkill, Shuuhei stepped in to call the match over. However, as he attempted to do so, he found himself skewered through the heart by six senbon, apparently launched from a weapon of Billy’s.

The audience went silent, and Shinkei, seeing this, snapped. He gathered half of his chakra and formed a lightning bolt, flinging it with all his might at Billy, shouting “YOU BASTARD!” at the top of his lungs. The bolt connected solidly with the side of Billy’s face as he turned to investigate the source of the cry, killing him. This sparked an uproar, with Iwa ninja and Konoha Ninja filling the Arena. Shinkei made a desperate attempt to try to get to his father, but Tetsuya dragged him away as the conflict started up.

The two then chased down Taiichi and [:seijin_jordan| Seijin Jordan]], as they made a bid to escape. Shinkei eventually caught up with Taiichi, but hearing his argument, and failing under pressure, he collapsed into a ball, the weight of what happened falling on his shoulders. He soon passed out as Taiichi consoled him, and rushed out of the village.

Season III -

Shinkei woke to the fuzzy sounds of battle around him, before realizing that he had woke up in the middle of calamity. He rushed off trying to understand what was happening, and launched an assault on an Iwa Chuunin who was targeting the Konoha academy students with long distance shuriken attacks. After a fairly rough struggle, Shinkei subdued him, and made his way to the hospital, where he passed out. He woke some time later with gauze over his cheek and other wrappings on his wounds, while Taiichi who had defected back to Konoha carried in an immoble Tetsuya. The latter spoke of getting up and fighting in the war that raged on outside, but neither Tetsuya nor Shinkei were in any shape for that.

Some several days after that incident, the team went on a Diplomacy mission to Cloud country. While Diego signed some forms, the team competed in a tournament together with some ninja from Cloud. Shinkei payed a visit to Hyuuga Raiden again, who was informed of what had happened to Shinkei’s father by Aya, and helped console him and give him some advice. He also gave Shinkei a pair of gauntlets to help in his training.

After the main event with the tournament, a feast was held, and everyone in the village partook. However, unknown to the Ninja of Konoha, save for Diego, the food had been poisoned. Also, unbeknown to the Konoha ninja, they had been affixed with memory seals, which activated and repressed their understanding of the entire event, leading them to try to work out what was going on while peoples’ heads and hearts kept exploding around them. Shinkei eventually sought out Taiichi, and after he convinced a group of Cloud nin to free them, they went into Kumogakure to investigate the horror. After finding their sensei and Tetsuya, and placing their hands together, their memories were revealed in full.

Shinkei then deduced that since the three Konoha Gennin were the only ones who weren’t suffering from the poison, that they must have been given the antidote when unconscious, or had had it put in their food. With that in mind, he deduced that the antidote was in their blood, and offered some of his own to Diego sensei, who was suffering from symptoms of the poison. They cleared up after he drank the blood, and thus Tetsuya and Taiichi ran off to help Xiang Xiao, who they’d left in the woods, having promised to come back for her.

They cured her, and brought her home with them to Konoha, after searching fruitlessly for other survivors. They brought the Raikage’s hat with them as proof of what had happened, and spoke plainly of the tragedy of the genocide, of how 50,000 people had died. Xiang Xiao brought up the idea of a group of people having to be behind the actions present, and since Diego remembered that it was a Missing Ninja from mist who had initiated a confrontation and told him of what would happen, it made sense that those involved were not necessarily Iwagakure operatives, but could have been another group entirely.

More light was shed on the matter when Shinkei brought another theory to the table. He proposed that perhaps these mercenaries had motives to start a war, to demolish the entire Ninja world, as a means to rise up and take control of it, by becoming the sole force left with any real organized strength. He was only validated, although intensely infuriated, when Taiichi mentioned that Mikon Billy, when faced with the sight of Shinkei’s father filled with senbon, had appeared shocked and surprised that it had happened, as though he might not have pulled the trigger.

Shinkei, taking this latest bit of bad news to heard, left honorably, before storming off to a private place and absolutely demolishing everything he could, driven mad with rage. He eventually was calmed down by Tetsuya, who managed to convince him of what Shinkei had been thinking all along. He knew that the world needed to change. Tetsuya, however, wanted to leave in order to inact that change, to work from the outside. Shinkei didn’t feel ready for that, wasn’t prepared to change his life, and didn’t feel strong enough to make that kind of life altering choice then. And so, Shinkei stayed in Konoha, vowing to change the world from within, while Tetsuya left on his own path.

Muramasa Shinkei

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