Nagasuke Taiichi

A loser Iwa ninja who has defected to Konoha.


Personal Data

Name: Taiichi

Family: Nagasuke

Age: 12

Birthday: December 9th

Origin: Iwagakure

Current Residence: Konohagakure


Taiichi, at twelve years old, stands almost exactly five feet tall, is slim via not being muscular at all, and bears the kind of face that’s not aesthetically pleasing without being outright ugly. Even Taiichi’s eyes are a boring shade of brown. The Genin’s grey hair is long enough to fall down as far as their armpits but is tied up into many dreadlocks that hang around the head but not in front of the face.

Taiichi’s default outfit for ninja work is a Konoha forehead protector on a blue band worn exactly where it ought to be and standard-style grey sandals. The Genin also wears black pants that are thick enough to slightly hide the thinness of the legs beneath, each of which has a black kunai holder tied to the outer sides of the upper thighs. A red shirt is worn beneath a brown jacket that also has thick enough sleeves to hide the frail arms inside. The jacket is worn open so that shuriken-holding pouches worn strapped beneath both arms can be reached into by fully-covered hands wearing black blade-handling gloves.


“Life sucks” would be an adequate phrase to describe Taiichi’s overall attitude toward all things. To truly capture the essence of the ninja’s personality, however, you must add a very important third word: “Taiichi’s life sucks”.

Taiichi acknowledges and accepts that other people can be quite happy with their lives, the twelve year-old simply has no personal experience with it. Taiichi has always been rather slow, not generally taking things at the pace of anyone else. People have always bestowed more cruelty than kindness upon the Nagasuke child, mostly due to the anti-social nature and severe apathy that Taiichi presents 24/7.

Though still a Genin this particular ninja has adjusted fairly well to the darker nature of the job. The elder Nagasukes, particularly the male one, have made it their job to ensure that their child was ready for it. Taiichi’s response to death and violence is a bit more well-adjusted than one might expect from the laziest Iwa Genin of the past generation, allowing the loser to deal with their job over time and avoid too traumatic of an experience because of it. Taiichi isn’t particularly motivated to actually engage in situations that would require this mental conditioning, though.

A large part of what lets Taiichi handle the heavy issues of ninja life despite being twelve years old, aside from the usual fast growing-up that ninja societies enforce upon their children, is a very strong spiritual side. The ninja’s mother instilled it in her child to counterbalance the harsh life that her husband was willing on their firstborn. As a result Taiichi has a very large amount of respect for things of a spiritual nature and will often pray for missions or, in recent times, victims.

Recently Taiichi has been surrounded by team mates who are somewhat encouraging. This unfamiliar territory has had at least a partially positive effect on the Genin who has since started to take their training a little more seriously, even if their actual lack of motivation to move forward in the death-dealing career remains unchanged.

Miscellaneous Quirks

Hates being called “Tai”.

Loves to sleep whenever possible.

Has an irrational fear of fire.

Prefers to “train” by imagination and planning than by actual practice.

Has a bordering-on-unhealthy amount of respectful fear for authority figures.

Thinks getting hair cut is too much of a hassle, preferring to just let it keep growing.

Is not very good with directions.

Has not yet developed any budding interest in fantasies of romance, unlike some people of a similar age.

Has a strong spiritual side and prays to cope with the darker sides of ninja life.


Kunai x 2

Standard Shuriken x 30

Pair of Blade-Handling Gloves x 1

Smoke Bombs x 6

Flash Bombs x 2

Magical Hat x 1


Transformation Technique: Allows the user to alter their appearance. Seals: 1

Substitution Technique: Allows the user to replace themselves with a similarly-sized nearby object set up in advance. Seals: 5

Release Technique: Dispels Genjutsu afflicting the target. Seals: 1

Tree-Climbing Technique: Allows the user to cling to solid surfaces with their feet and concentrate chakra to their feet for enhanced movements. Seals: 0

Water-Walking Technique: Allows the user to walk atop liquid surfaces. Seals: 0

Shadow Clone Technique: Splits the caster’s chakra so that it is evenly distributed into perfect physical and mental copies of the user. With their own chakra circulatory systems clones are capable of thinking, moving and performing techniques independently of the original. The more clones created at once the more fractioned the chakra becomes and the more dangerous it is to the user. Forbidden technique. Seals: 1


Style: Way of Spider Fist (Gumo no Ken)

An unorthodox fighting style that emphasizes extremely low-to-the-ground movements that can keep up with normal movements and speedy acrobatics while airborne.


Clone Technique: Creates false copies of the user. Seals: 1

Stone Cloak Technique: Allows the user to blend into rocky surroundings. Seals: 3

Invisibility Technique: Allows the user to render themselves invisible to the naked eye. Seals: 3

Special Abilities

Taiichi was born with an unnaturally high sensitivity for chakra, allowing the ninja to detect it on a level above the five natural senses.

At present Nagasuke can project chakra as a field, using it to amplify the detection of other chakra as their current sensitivity is still very low. At the same time the sensitivity to Taiichi’s own chakra can be used to decipher the physical presences that it touches, but the level of this ability is very low.

Taiichi has learned to mold the “radar” into shapes or into specific areas beyond just a full sphere around their body, but nothing very small or complex in shape, nor can it be molded too quickly.


Nagasuke Jotaru: The father. Impressed the need to become a ninja upon his child for as long as Taiichi can remember. There is a small amount of resentment between them, at least from Taiichi’s side.

Nagasuke Florence: The mother. Taught her child to have a strong spiritual side to help in the ninja life thrust upon them.

Nagasuke Caroline: The younger sister. Taiichi is a bit jealous that she gets to live however she wants without their parents enforcing much on her.

Torro Diego: Taiichi’s Genin Cell’s current Jonin Master. Taiichi finds him far more helpful than any of the teachers back in Iwagakure who gave up on the slacker early on. The Genin has actually taken a fair shine to the man after their few training sessions together, maybe because he’s the first person to seem to genuinely take care about teaching them anything?

Muramasa Shinkei: One of Taiichi’s Genin Cell team-mates. The guy kind of freaks Taiichi out a little bit after seeing him talk like a vengeance-driven movie character after they discovered the dead body of someone he knew. That image only became worse after Shinkei’s father died and he was given reason to believe the murder has not been avenged. The Genin has decided to accept Shinkei as being a friend but notes that the guy does tend to be way too melodramatic at times. Wonders if he’s cut out to be a ninja overall, but considers Shinkei super-talented for learning an Elemental Release at such a young age.

Hashimoto Tetsuya: One of Taiichi’s former Genin Cell team-mates. Tetsuya’s gung-ho selfish attitude, often flashy antics and apparent obsession with the opposite sex puts the Iwa Nin off a little bit. Taiichi accepted Tetsuya as being a friend eventually, though has concerns for the speedster’s future whether he’s a ninja or not.

Teji Sanjo: This… person… forced himself into Taiichi’s life without warning and decided that the Iwa kid would be his apprentice. Taiichi thinks that “Master Tejineji” must be at least a little bit insane and remains at least slightly fearful of any sort of lessons the “Sanin” might try to teach. The Genin has taken up writing poetry thanks to Sanjo’s influence, though it’s only done out of apprentice obligation to Teji’s obsession with the stuff… even though Taiichi never really wanted to be an apprentice to begin with. Taiichi simply sees Sanjo as the latest “unfortunate event” in a life full of “unfortunate events” and is determined to simply ride it to its conclusion without getting too involved and move on. Nagasuke has noticed that Sanjo makes not getting involved very difficult though, especially when one is simply going along with him.

Kensei Tenma: Taiichi knows him best as a guy hated by both their new team-mates. The Genin has since learned first-hand that he deserves the scorn.

Hitohana Belle: A girl also from Iwagakure. Her fake niceness towards Taiichi has always been met with utter distaste and so is avoided at all costs.



Grew up in Iwagakure. Was forced by dad to become a ninja. Doesn’t really know how to aim to be anything else, but is old enough to resent the lack of choice now. Wasn’t very skilled but managed to graduate on the second try. Got sent off to Konoha after being passed around form team to team, making Torro Diego’s Cell their first permanent setting.

And life continues to suck.

Season 1

Taiichi has many off-screen adventures, all of which sucked.

Season 2

Taiichi comes to Konohagakure on a “ninja-exchange” goodwill program and winds up on a 4-man team with Diego, Tetsuya and Shinkei. Pulled along with them into the Chunin Selection Exams far sooner than Taiichi had intended, the Genin was forced into some early-morning training to learn fast what would be needed just to survive. During the course of this period the near-dropout ninja learns from their new Jonin Master that they were born with a special sensory type of chakra.

Though the newly-formed team make it through the second exam Taiichi’s involvement in the death of a team of Iwa Nin makes the loner take refuge away from even their own countrymen, moving into a Konoha home alone. Tetsuya and Shinkei qualify for the third and final round of the exam while Taiichi planned to spend the month free to relax.

An elite Konohagakure shinobi named Teji Sanjo somehow became obsessed with Taiichi after a random encounter in the streets of the village, deciding that the Genin was an “inspiration” for his poetry and that they must become his ninja apprentice. While frightened by the top hat-wearing eccentric at first Taiichi was eventually assured that the man wasn’t dangerous and decided to just go along with it until Sanjo got bored and moved on. The two engage in several misadventures and ridiculous training sessions while Nagasuke’s teammates were off training for their upcoming exam.

The Chunin Exams ended in tragedy when the father of one of Taiichi’s teammates was apparently killed by an Iwa Genin. The “transfer student” flees the village along with all the other Iwagakure natives who can make it, leaving their Konoha headband behind for fear of war breaking out between the nations.

Season 3

Taiichi is found by Sanjo in the forest, to whom is divulged a tale of how the fleeing Iwagakure ninjas scorned the Nagasuke child’s presence and left them behind to be used as a distraction for any tails that might follow. Sanjo convinces Taiichi to side with Konoha since his civilian family would not be a part of it were war to really break out. Taiichi returns to the village and helps an injured Tetsuya to the hospital, finding a Konoha headband just waiting for him near the fallen teammate and donning it.

Some time later after official war is declared Taiichi’s cell is sent to Kumogakure to help in forming a truce during the war time. An unknown presence interferes with the proceedings, poisoning everyone in the village except the 3 Konoha Genin. They manage to save Diego and just one Kumo Genin, but everyone else who wasn’t out of the Hidden Village dies. Diego sends them home and Taiichi spends the entire trip praying for the lives that were lost. While telling the Hokage what happened suspicions arise of a secret organization behind the war and Taiichi recalls a memory of the Iwa ninja who killed Shinkei’s father in which the Genin looked surprised upon doing so. The news upsets Shinkei and Taiichi stays behind to keep their Kumo refugee company while the other two members of the Cell go off to deal with the new ideas.

Nagasuke Taiichi

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