Saruwatari Daisuki

"Wait... so that's [bumping uglies with chicks] one of your LEAST favourite activities? What, are you gay or something, sensei?"


Full Name:

Saruwatari Daisuki



Birth Date:

17th of August

Ninja Village:

Kumogakure (Hidden Cloud)


  • Stealth
  • Weapons Use

Primary Weapons:

Rapier – A dual-edged sword, designed for thrusting attacks. Its handle is gilded, and carved with intricate designs. The Sheath is flat black, with golden trim.

Secondary Weapons:

  • 9 Throwing Knives



Transformation Technique – Allows the user to alter their appearance. Seals: 1

Substitution Technique – Allows the user to replace themselves with a similarly-sized nearby object set up in advance. Seals: 5

Release Technique – Dispels Genjutsu afflicting the target. Seals: 1

Tree-Climbing Technique – Allows the user to cling to solid surfaces with their feet and concentrate chakra to their feet for enhanced movements. Seals: 0

Water-Walking Technique – Allows the user to walk atop liquid surfaces. Seals: 0




Fighting Styles:
Combat Fencing – A unique style of sword fencing designed for short, quick stabs, and sweeping attacks made with a rapier or similar style sword.


Daisuki is a taller boy for 14, standing at 5’6. He is lanky and thin in build, but not without toned muscle. He has roguish good looks that he exploits to his benefit, his pale green eyes and thin mop of light-brown hair often accentuated with a smile.

He wears tan cargo pants, and a black muscle shirt, covered by a deep red hooded shirt. He has several small, black holsters placed strategically on his body that carry throwing knives. They are located on his right shoulder, his left bicep, and around the middle of his right thigh. He also carries a basic ninja tool pouch on the back of his right thigh, and a scabbard holding his rapier around his waist, holding it on his left side.


Daisuki is a very different fellow. He seems amicable enough when he talks, but as soon as he has accomplished whatever he set out to do, or gleaned whatever information he deems necessary, his smiling demeanor vanishes, and he may even walk off in the middle of a conversation. This is mostly due to his Narcissism, along with his lack of social skills. To call him self-centered would be appropriate, if not a little brash. He cares only about accommodating his needs, and everyone but his superiors comes second to himself.

This said, Daisuki could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo, if he tried. His good looks, easy-going drawl, and natural charm draw others into his web, where he manipulates them for what he needs, and leaves them dangling, like the remains of a spider’s meal. He also doesn’t understand the intricacies of social functions, like eating at a restaurant, or going on a picnic. He finds them somewhat mind-boggling, wondering why people would go to all the effort to achieve something they could just as easily do themselves, without being bothered by more “little people”.

Daisuki also, like many of his comrades, has do deal with the emotional baggage of being a ninja. His favourite way to escape the horrors of his life is with a fine bottle of wine, a little soft music, an empty canvas, and some watercolors. He paints out every grizzly thing he sees, every horror, as a way to externalize it, and to accept and understand that it was a moment in his life that is no more. He hangs his garish artwork around his apartment proudly, which more than likely scares off any other inadvertent visitors who stare at the horrors hung from his walls.

Other information:

  • Only Child
  • Likes Classical Music (Schubert, Mozart, Chopin and Bach are his favourite contemporaries)
  • Is a fan of Fantasy novels
  • Dislikes Shellfish
  • Enjoys over-ripe fruit

Family Members:

Saruwatari Honda – Daisuki’s father. A strong and stalwart ninja of the cloud, Honda is a member of the Anbu, specifically the Cat division. He is a kind and knowledgeable father, a loving husband, and a trained assassin. He raised and trained Daisuki himself outside of the Ninja academy until the boy was twelve, where he then enrolled him for a cursory year in order to pass the examinations. He has short black hair, and olive green eyes.

Saruwatari Naomi – Daisuki’s mother. Naomi is a proud ninja, and a proud mother. in fact she has a lot of pride concerning a lot of things. She is stunningly beautiful for a woman of thirty-three, with long, brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and some other attractive features of which will not be gone into detail. (This is a shonen adventure, after all) However, for all of her pride, she is narcissistic, and doesn’t spend a whole lot of time with Daisuki, as she is often out on missions for the village.


Xiang Fei: A weapons using Genin from Cloud. She was abrasive and argued with Daisuki a lot. She died during the massive cloud genocide.

Tetsuma Shinbo: A genjutsu using Genin from cloud. He never said much and just did as he was told. He died during the Genocide too.



Other Important People:


Backstory -

Daisuki grew up as a home-schooled ninja, training hard to become his best. However, he lacked social interaction for most of his early life. He’d grown up mostly narcissistic, and prideful. Due to this, he sought to make himself a leader, looking for a position of power in order to prove his worth. However, this also made him appear condescending, and in ways he was, and to this day remains so, as he really doesn’t know better.

Season I -

Daisuki went through the academy, and began taking up combat fencing, working hard to manipulate his sword and take advantage of combat with it. He did several missions with his team, claiming avidly that he was the team leader, despite always having his authority undermined by Fei.

Season II -

Working hard to prove that he is the best, Daisuki learned to be as stealthy as he could, taking as much instruction as he could from both his father and his sensei when available, in order to use it to tactical advantage. He also refined his skills in combat fencing, becoming much more adept.

Season III -

Doing his best to prove himself, Daisuki became upset when leaf ninja competing in the annual tournament for genin defeated him, growing angry with himself for losing. He began training outside of the village for a span while his parents were out on missions, both they and he not being present in the village when the Genocide occurred. Coming back to Kumogakure to find a leaf ninja standing there, he burned with rage, finding nearly all of the people he knew dead…

He seethed and suffered until his parents came back, but none of what they said would calm him. It didn’t seem like many options were left, the remainder of the cloud ninja would be going to Konoha. Daisuki didn’t care what it took, he would prove himself better than those punks from leaf.

Saruwatari Daisuki

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