Academy Days

Season 1 started off with only 2 PCs, who made characters in the academy. Content Not Found: Muramasa_Shinkei_ was a smart genin who specialised in Ninjutsu, while Content Not Found: HashimotoTetsuya was a go get ’em stealth ninja, not great at anything, but willing to give it his all!

In the academy, the characters Zenbu, Genbu and Tenbu were introduced as antagonists for Shinkei, but Tetsuya quickly came to his aid. From then on ‘The Trio’ continued to mock them and pull pranks to get them into trouble.

In the academy, they met several teachers who helped train them into the ninja they are today! Tetsuya’s favourite was always Content Not Found: Hitsugaya_Jin_, who taught them Stealth and Ninjutsu, but neither of them liked Content Not Found: ToshirouDaiichi, since he took them for Taijutsu and Phys. Ed., which both of them were terrible at!

Things heated up in the academy as “Rookie of the year”, Content Not Found: Kensei_Tenma, turned out to be an arrogant douchebag, who lorded his superiority over everyone else. Tetsuya began his tradition of carving out rivalries for himself and started pushing himself, with Tenma in his sights. Tenma’s treatment of both Genin was deliberately unsavoury, and Shinkei also began to harbour a bitter hatred for him.

It wasn’t all bad though! Love was in the air, as Shinkei’s timid partner Content Not Found: Yamamoto_Mayori developed an attraction for Shinkei, but was too shy to risk developing it whilst he was totally oblivious. tetsuya also took a liking to a kunoichi-in-training, called Mikumo. Shy, but popular, Mikumo had slight nerves for romantic interests and quite liked Tetsuya, but fainted every time he tried to tell her that he liked her.

Eventually, as Genin are wont to do, they graduated the academy. Everyone in their year took the test at the same time, and, rooting for each other, both managed to pull through. Not everyone managed to graduate, however. Tenma, of course, came in top of the class, but Shinkei was hot on his heels in 3rd place. Tetsuya averaged a reasonable set of scores and finished in the top half of the year. The Trio and Mikumo, however, were amongst those that didn’t graduate, so mixed emotions all around. Our heroes went off then to their new team, alone…

Academy Days

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